Still kicking, time for some blog updates!

Hello fellow hackers and cyber security enthusiasts!

I hope so far the posts I have made have helped people on their journeys through the wonderful world of penetration testing and CTFs. I know it has been a bit quiet on here for the last few weeks, but unfortunately I am between jobs and need to get something moving ASAP… so my time has been focused on that instead. In saying that though, I do have a few things to announce for the future of this blog and it’s content… so let’s get to it! 😉… [ READ MORE ]


Hi visitors! 🙂

Welcome to my new blog. Unlike the last blog I ran on this domain (which pretty much died after the first post), this one will be updated with content for as long as it lives!

As I am currently studying Pentesting, so I will be sharing my journey along the way to learn enough to acquire certification and a job. This will include my walkthroughs and notes on TryHackMe CTF’s and rooms, and anything else I feel is worth sharing with the world, whether it be things I learn on the way, or things that I believe should be helpful to anyone looking at becoming a pentester themselves.

The About Me page will give you a background … [ READ MORE ]