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LEARN >> What The Shell?

A fundamental step and tool when it comes to PrivEsc, shells are not only the ultimate goal, but moreso an essential tool to help get the top of the "food chain"!

This room is all about the different ways we can gain a shell when we get some form of command execution on the target, how to stabalise them, and some common "oneliners" to help spawn shells if you cannot simply upload and run a shell of your own.… [ READ MORE ]

Still kicking, time for some blog updates!

Hello fellow hackers and cyber security enthusiasts!

I hope so far the posts I have made have helped people on their journeys through the wonderful world of penetration testing and CTFs. I know it has been a bit quiet on here for the last few weeks, but unfortunately I am between jobs and need to get something moving ASAP… so my time has been focused on that instead. In saying that though, I do have a few things to announce for the future of this blog and it’s content… so let’s get to it! 😉… [ READ MORE ]