Welcome to my world!

Hi! If you have found your way here, you probably know who I am, or what I enjoy doing – if not, hold on to your hats, the journey is just about to begin!

I have decided to start my own blog purely to share my work with the world, or knowledge I get along the way trying to fix / implement things (well, to whoever wishes to read it anyway). My favourite pastime when I have spare time at home is customizing everything I own to its full potential – if it can be customized / hacked / tweaked in any way, I do exactly that. I hate the boring, blandness of “default” and “usual” (which is my pet peeve with iPhones and iPads), and I need to change everything I possibly can to make it “mine”. But enough about me (you can read all about that in the “About Me” section).

First off the ranks – this will be the best place to get the latest scoop on my Android work, whether it be custom ROMs, my new soon-to-be-released Android custom ROM building script called “buildROM” (more on that soon) or anything I find on the way through that I believe might help you get your custom ROMs working (if not it should be an interesting read!).

Secondly – this blog will also serve as a place to release some of my “smaller” projects, things like themes or skins for certain apps I create, buildROM (as mentioned above) and anything else that I think might help you, the reader, in some form or another. I am a firm believer in the Open Source movement, and like to not only share with everyone, but believe that people should have the opportunity to hack / customize my work even further if they see fit – I will endeavour to release all these projects on Github so it is easy for anyone with git knowledge to download and hack away at.

Third objective of this blog is another one of my ongoing pastimes – customizing my installs of Linux on all my home PCs. I only use Windows at work – every other computer in my house runs Linux, from my personal laptop, to my Android build server / file server, to my self-serving media centre hooked up to my TV in the lounge room. Here I will document the steps I take to further customize my computers, or themes / scripts that I believe might be useful, or just procedures / tips I learn on the way, for to anyone who wishes to use such.

Fourth thing I must add – since my early days I have always enjoyed creating digital artwork, be it the hi-res imagery of today, or (this ones for you “oldschool nerds” out there), the lesser known lo-res digital art varieties (ANSI / ASCII artwork that was made mainly for BBS systems of the old days before the internet existed), I will attempt to share some of my older works and even some of the newer ones I do to complement other projects I have worked on – the gallery section of this blog will host this!

Finally, as with most personal blogs these days, I will endeavour to share anything that I deem “shareworthy” that relates to these interests – be it news of new or updated projects, or simply other things that might sound interesting – another way to help people learn of new and exciting things, or another place to keep yourself updated on these topics! 😉

I know it’s looking a bit basic and lacking at the moment… but as I said above – hold on to your hat’s people, this is only the beginning of what should hopefully be a long and fun filled journey! 😀


I live to void warranties - changing / customizing / hacking anything I own or use to extend it beyond its limits. I am an Android fan purely because of it's ability to be customized endlessly, which is why my favourite pastime is working on Android apps or custom ROMs. When I am not messing with Android, I like customizing my Linux installs, working on my websites, and the occasional digital art pieces.

  • Salah Ahmed

    wishing you all the success. waiting for the journey to begin. and thanks for all you had done.

    • stimpz0r

      thank you salahmed, your kind words are always welcome! :)

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